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Old 13th May 2008
carbonmarket carbonmarket is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 1
Default Creating & trading Carbon Credits

I would be very interested in talking with potential New energy producers Wind/solar/biofuel/hydro etc. or anyone looking to clean up their dirty acts landfill/Fuel switching etc. we offer our expertise in creating and obtaining through to selling the Carbon Credits associated with these projects eith CER or VER's.
My contact details below.
Mark Taub-VP
CarbonMarkets Global
TEL: +44 208 458 5354 (direct)
E mail.
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Old 29th July 2008
peteryandeh peteryandeh is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: July 2008
Location: THE GAMBIA
Posts: 1
Default green energy for rural gambia

Hi Members.
I am a new out look at this site and want to share some thing common for all of us here in the gambia.I want to start raising fund to buy green energy be it Solar or hybrid systems for rural villages to power their homes etc.If there is any one of you who can help in any way.......Please contact me at :
Peter Benny Joof
Tel: *220 7723272
* 220 7655662
Thank you
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