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Old 25th July 2008
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Default Iceland: Activists Stop Aluminium Smelter Site Construction Work

Indymedia – July 19, 2008

HELGUVIK (ICELAND) – Early this morning 40 activists from over 10 countries occupied the construction site where Century Aluminum are preparing to build their Helguvík aluminium smelter, and chained themselves to machinery and cranes. The protest is aimed at allegations of damage to geothermal areas in southwest Iceland and Century’s environmental and human rights abuses in Jamaica and Africa.

The construction of the Century Helguvík plant depends on the expansion of geothermal energy in Hellisheiđi and Reykjanes. Construction began in June, without a valid Environmental Impact Assessment, or a guarantee of sufficient energy (435 MW) for the smelter. Just as with Alcoa Fjardaal, the government shows no interest in following the the legal process for these huge projects. Instead they act as if the smelter and power projects are inevitable, creating mass apathy. At the same time, Century’s human rights abuse record has largely gone unnoticed.’, says Snorri Páll Jónsson Ulfhildurson from Saving Iceland.

American corporation Century Aluminum is involved in a number of projects in Africa and the Caribbean which are contended by environmental and human rights campaigners. In Jamaica, Century jointly owns a 4.8 million tonne bauxite mine which is causing large-scale deforestation of rainforest. Century are also involved in a joint venture to open up a second mine and alumina refinery with Chinese company Minmetals, who are accused of being associated with prison labour factories and gross human rights abuses in China and elsewhere.

In February 2007 Century Aluminium signed a memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Congo for the exclusive right to develop a smelter, an alumina refinery and a bauxite mine with a minimum commitment of 500 megawatts of gas-generated electrical energy in Pointe Noire. Congo is renowned for its horrendous human rights conditions including terrible mass rapes, unlawful killings, torture and corruption. Transparency International has also rated it one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. That’s usually exactly the kind of regimes corporations like Century prefer to deal with…’, says Saving Iceland’s Snorri.

’The financial scams orchestrated by aluminium companies have created economic and environmental ruin in many countries, dramatically affecting the lives of thousands of their citizens. In each case, a sustained and costly PR campaign promising a new age of prosperity preceded this construction.’ Indian scientist, Aluminium expert and writer Samarendra Das explains. Das will be giving a number of talks in Iceland in July, including a conference with Andi Snćr Magnusson on the 23rd in Reykjavikur Akademian.

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Old 26th July 2008
Karl Karl is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Trinidad & Tobago
Posts: 38
Default Greenland: Substandard Environmental Assessment

Greenland: Proposed Alcoa Smelter

Sermitsiak, Greenland - July 24, 2008

An evaluation of the impact of the planned Alcoa smelter is 'lacking', expert says. A substandard environmental assessment of the impact of a proposed Alcoa smelter in the Maniitsoq area will reflect poorly on Greenland, according to Anne Merrild Hansen.

Hansen, an engineer and expert on the environmental impact of heavy industry in Greenland, is concerned that the Alcoa report does not meet international standards. The procedures for such assessments, called SEAs, short for strategic environmental assessments, are clearly defined. The evaluation is to ensure that the country's environmental authorities are aware of the impacts of the planned smelter and the hydroelectric dams that will be built to power it.

Source: Miljřrapport lever ikke op til internationale standarder
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