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A molecular approach to solar power

Switchable material could harness the power of the sun — even when it’s not shining
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California Firm Awarded Patent for Zero-Fuel Solar Plastic Molding Technology

The patent describes the use of heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors) to concentrate heat in a plastic molding system....
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Copper Promises Cheaper, Sturdier Fuel Cells

Converting solar energy into storable fuel remains one of the greatest challenges of modern chemistry....
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Fraunhofer ISE develops new test system for solar thermal collectors

On 23 November 2012, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE officially put its new test stand for solar thermal collectors into ...
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Making Mirrors for the Sun

With $1.5 million from the Department of Energy, UA researchers are continuing to improve groundbreaking technology to produce solar electricity at a price competitive with non-renewable energy sources. ...
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LightManufacturing Introduces Groundbreaking Solar Thermal Manufacturing System

The new approach avoids pitfalls that plague solar electric....
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Solar Thermal Technology Developed by Southwest Solar Technologies, Inc.

Southwest Solar Technologies Inc. announced today its development program for a solar thermal technology that will serve industrial needs for process heat and steam. ...
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Utilising the heat in CHP applications means that 70-85% of the energy converted from fuel can be put to use, rather than the 30-50% that is typical for electrical generation alone

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