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PV Market Growth

Where Will The PV Market Experience The Largest Growth Percentage In 2014?
China (127 Votes)
Australia (8 Votes)
USA (53 Votes)
Japan (8 Votes)
Spain (13 Votes)
France (11 Votes)
Germany (38 Votes)
Other (30 Votes)

Bioenergy Markets

Which Bioenergy technology will perform best in 2014?
Pellets (5 Votes)
Biobutanol (0 Votes)
Ethanol (1 Votes)
CHP (1 Votes)
Biomass (1 Votes)

Climate Change

The American - do you think global warming should be a low, medium, high, or very high priority for the president and Congress?
Low (0 Votes)
Medium (1 Votes)
High (1 Votes)
Very High (8 Votes)

Energy Mix

Which of the renewable energy industries will provide the most power by 2020?
Other (1 Votes)
Bioenergy (2 Votes)
Wind Power (15 Votes)
Solar Photovoltaics (18 Votes)
Geothermal (6 Votes)
Marine Energy (5 Votes)
Hydropower (6 Votes)

If You Were President..

If you were President of the United States and could choose to provide financial support in ONE of the following energy sources during your term in office, which would you choose?
Wind Energy (12 Votes)
Solar (26 Votes)
Nuclear (5 Votes)
Coal (0 Votes)
Natural Gas (3 Votes)

US Solar Development

How important do you think it is for the U.S. to develop and use solar power?
Extremely Important (53 Votes)
Important (9 Votes)
Don't Know (0 Votes)
Unimportant (5 Votes)

Best For Biofuel?

Which of the following has the most potential as a biofuels?
Biogas (11 Votes)
Biobutanol (0 Votes)
Biogasoline (2 Votes)
Ethanol (2 Votes)
Biodiesel (3 Votes)
Cellulosic Ethanol (1 Votes)
Vegetable Oil (0 Votes)
Bagasse (1 Votes)
Algae Fuel (3 Votes)

Is Hydropower Reliable?

Do you believe hydro is a renewable resource similar to wind and solar resources?
Not sure (0 Votes)
More reliable (2 Votes)
Less reliable (0 Votes)
As reliable (0 Votes)

Reducing CO2 Effectively

Which CO2 reducing technology do you think delivers best value?
Hydro generation (1 Votes)
Biomass boilers (0 Votes)
Geo-thermal (1 Votes)
Solar thermal (0 Votes)
Air source heat pump (0 Votes)
Large Wind (4 Votes)
Wood Gasified Cogen (0 Votes)
Solar PV (1 Votes)
Biogas Cogeneration (0 Votes)
Small Wind (0 Votes)
Natural Gas Combined Heat & Power (CHP) (4 Votes)

Solar States

Which of the following states will be the strongest PV sales market in 2014?
Oregon (17 Votes)
Texas (20 Votes)
Nevada (17 Votes)
Arizona (28 Votes)
Colorado (30 Votes)
New Jersey (27 Votes)
California (24 Votes)

PV Challenges

What are the greatest challenges for the PV industry right now?
Improved grid integration of solar power (11 Votes)
Achieving further cost reductions for systems (inverters, mounting, etc.) (9 Votes)
Achieving further cost reductions for cells and modules (11 Votes)
Reduction of subsidies (7 Votes)
Overcapacity in cell and module production (10 Votes)

PV Market Segments

Which of the following market segments will have the highest growth rates in the years to come?
Utility-scale Market (3 Votes)
Industrial and Commercial Market (3 Votes)
Residential Market (1 Votes)

Wind Energy Mix

Gas, oil and coal are limited resources, whilst the use of wind power constitutes an alternative. Do you believe that the share of wind power in the energy mix is already sufficient?
Not sure (0 Votes)
No, it should be increased (17 Votes)
Yes, it is sufficient (0 Votes)

Increased Electricty Production

If we are to increase the domestic production of electricity, by which means do you think we should do this? Should it be done by building more windpower, hydropower, coal fired plants, nuclear plants or plants fired with biomass?
Biomass (133 Votes)
Nuclear (5 Votes)
Coal (1 Votes)
Hydropower (6 Votes)
Wind power (11 Votes)
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